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Better Business Regulation In A Risk Society

RRP $546.99

The premise of this volume is that business regulations are expected to grow in the near future as a consequence of the emergence of a "(world) risk society". Risks related to terrorism, climate change, and financial crises, for example, will penetrate all conditions of life. Increasingly, the decisions and actions of some bring about risks for many in this era of globalization. Controlling these risks implies managing the world through high-quality regulation, with a particular emphasis on businesses and financial institutions. Central to this approach is the argument that a major, if not the primary, aim of regulation is to internalize externalities, or in a broader context, to repair market failure. Such repair can only be accomplished when the costs are smaller than the welfare gains. Featuring contributions from researchers and policy analysts from the fields of economics, management, law, sociology, political science, and environmental policy, this book focuses on three major topics: social risks and business regulation; preconditions for better business regulation; and, theoretical issues related to better business regulation. Collectively, the authors demonstrate that the easier it is for regulated businesses to comply at the lowest costs possible - without jeopardizing the related public goals - the greater the degree of compliance. When successful, the net result is a balance of individual and collective net benefits, and by further implication, sustainable business practice and economic growth.

So You Want To Buy A Small Business

RRP $24.99

Small business ownership is, in my opinion, the very foundation of the American experience. Liberty and freedom are both the results and causes of capitalism. Without them both working congruently, it would be impossible for our nation and her citizens to survive through the choppy waters of ever-changing economic times. I hope this book will help you on your path towards small business owership and life choices.

10 Steps To Energizing Your Business And Your Life

RRP $39.99

"Succinct, informative and approachable, Dan Fowler's latest book is as down-to-earth as it is a blueprint for getting ahead in any business. His observations and suggestions regarding the importance of quality staff and statesmanship are bedrock concepts for managers and small businesses.''

Bill Milligan
President, Call Newspapers

This book was conceived for veteran businesspeople that need to re-energize their business and their life. The ten steps outlined in this book will make it easier for anyone to succeed as a veteran businessperson. It's critical to learn how to focus on what's important in life and to carry it out in a balanced, productive way.

This book doesn't contain or uncover any great revelations about being successful. Instead, it is written from the author's thirty-three years of experience as a businessman in the insurance field, twenty years of involvement as a volunteer in the Mehlville School District and the example set by many of the people who he has worked with over the years.

You can't get better unless you learn from your mistakes and then make the necessary changes in your life so it doesn't happen again. Aging should be viewed as a good thing. We develop wisdom over the years and what we do with that knowledge is what this book is all about. It's easy to get off course.

"10 Steps to Energizing Your Business and Your Life" will help you get back on track."

A Small Person Far Away

RRP $20.99

Partly autobiographical, this is the third title in Judith Kerr's internationally acclaimed trilogy of books following the life of Anna through war-torn Germany, to London during the Blitz and her return to Berlin to discover the past… Berlin is where Anna lived before Hitler, when she was still a German child; before she spoke a word of English, before her family had all become refugees. Long before her happy new existence in London. But Mama is there, dangerously ill. Anna is forced to go back, to deal with questions of life and death, to face old fears, and to discover the past which she has so long shut away.

Small Business Planning

RRP $13.99

How many times have you heard or read that you must write a Business Plan for your new business? This is a myth, because a formal Business Plan-as discussed in all forms of the media-is rarely required of any small business.There is a vast difference between business planning and writing a Business Plan, and Foster's book not only explains that difference, but shows the reader why ongoing planning is necessary, and how to best approach the entire planning process.With this book you will be able to:

  • Understand the vital importance of business planning.
  • Learn why you should NOT write a "Business Plan".
  • Demystify how best to share your planning.
  • Learn about the best approach to investors.
  • Gain an understanding of "planning" vs. a "Business Plan."
All of this is from the entrepreneur's point of view-not from an investor's, business guru's, or academic's lofty views. This book is one of Foster's Small Business Primer Series, where a "Primer" is defined as any book of elementary principles.


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