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General Chemistry For Engineers

RRP $286.99

"General Chemistry for Engineers" is tailored for a one-semester freshman-level college course for students pursuing engineering degrees. The book offers a balance of conciseness, rigor, and depth needed to prepare students for more advanced coursework and careers in various engineering specialties, such as civil, environmental, electrical, computer, mechanical and industrial engineering, in addition to chemical engineering.
This text leads students through the breadth of a typical two-semester sequence in general chemistry. It elucidates the key concepts and skills important for entering engineering students, including problem solving, qualitative and quantitative thinking, and importance of units. Examples are drawn from problems of interest to modern engineers, including alternative energy, advanced materials, and the environment. The book is the result of the author s unique experiences teaching approximately 2,500 freshman in chemistry and upper-level students in chemical and biological engineering, in addition to leading research and development teaching in the medical device and specialty pharmaceutical industries. The author received a variety of teaching awards at Northeastern honoring his work in making an intense, fast-pace course manageable and exciting.
Paul A. DiMilla is an Associate Academic Specialist in Chemistry & Chemical Biology and Chemical Engineering at Northeastern University. He received his B.S. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania, both in Chemical Engineering. He was a Postdoctoral Fellow in Chemistry at Harvard University prior to beginning his faculty career in Chemical and Biomedical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University, where he co-founded Automated Cell, Inc.
Paul was a Visiting Professor of Bioengineering at the Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering and a Visiting Scholar in Biomedical Engineering at Boston University. Additionally, he led R&D teams in the private sector, developing tissue-engineered medical products and drug- generating biodegradable polymers. He received an Early Career Development Award from the NSF, a Searle Scholar Award, and the first Whitaker Young Investigator Award. He is also the inventor on seven issued US patents.

Crystal Engineering

RRP $248.99

This book is important because it is the first textbook in an area that has become very popular in recent times. There are around 250 research groups in crystal engineering worldwide today. The subject has been researched for around 40 years but there is still no textbook at the level of senior undergraduates and beginning PhD students. This book is expected to fill this gap.The writing style is simple, with an adequate number of exercises and problems, and the diagrams are easy to understand. This book consists major areas of the subject, including organic crystals and co-ordination polymers, and can easily form the basis of a 30 to 40 lecture course for senior undergraduates.

Variational Analysis And Aerospace Engineering

RRP $574.99

This volume consists of papers presented at the Variational Analysis and Aerospace Engineering Workshop II held in Erice, Italy in September 2010 at the International School of Mathematics "Guido Stampacchia." The workshop provided a platform for aerospace engineers and mathematicians (from universities, research centers and industry) to discuss the advanced problems requiring an extensive application of mathematics. The presentations were dedicated to the most advanced subjects in engineering and, in particular to computational fluid dynamics methods, introduction of new materials, optimization in aerodynamics, structural optimization, space missions, flight mechanics, control theory and optimization, variational methods and applications, etc.

This book will capture the interest of researchers from both academia and industry.


The Search For Neofascism

RRP $256.99

A study of the informal logic that has governed the half-century of academic writing devoted to what has been generally identified as 'neofascism', together with a careful assessment of those political movements and regimes considered the proper objects of inquiry. The intent of the study is both pedagogical and cautionary. Its central thesis of the work is that terms like 'fascism', 'generic fascism', and 'neofascism' are often used with considerable indifference, applied uniquely to political movements and regimes considered on the 'right' rather than the 'left', intended more often to denigrate rather than inform. The result has been confusion. Within that context some of the most important political movements of our time are considered, including, among others, the Alleanza Nazionale of Italy and the Bharatiya Janata Party of India, both of which have discharged leadership roles in their respective governments: identifying either as 'neofascism' has clear implications for international relations.

State Variables For Engineers, 2nd Edition

RRP $408.99

The classic text, now completely up to date<br> This Second Edition of State Variables for Engineers is completely updated to reflect both the many changes in the field of systems and control and the fact that today's first-year graduate students are well prepared in the background skills and techniques needed to handle this material. The book begins with an introduction to the basic concepts behind time domain techniques, comparisons between state variable feedback and classical output feedback, and a discussion of the concepts of observability and controllability.<br> The authors stress the importance of studying matrices and linear spaces by offering state variable representations for continuous linear systems in matrix form along with the solution to the resulting linear matrix differential equation. This treatment demonstrates how these basic linear algebra tools are related to the state variable analysis of linear systems.<br> This new edition retains thorough coverage of the eigenvalue-eigenvector problem from the first edition, as well as several chapters on state variables for continuous and discrete-time systems--now supplemented with additional material on observability and controllability. It also offers three entirely new chapters covering:<br> * Canonical forms for representing linear systems<br> * Observers and controllers<br> * Identification and estimation<br> Supplemented with appendices on basic matrix algebra and Z transforms, State Variables for Engineers, Second Edition is the ideal text for courses in systems analysis and techniques. It is also an excellent reference for professionals who want to keep pace with recent changes in the field.


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